Industrial ventilation is a set of measures aimed at organizing and maintaining stable air exchange in industrial premises. Operating equipment and production processes are often a source of airborne particles and toxic fumes, which can adversely affect human health. In addition, the lack of fresh air reduces productivity and the ability to endure physical activity.

The task of ventilation of industrial premises is to remove exhaust air (exhaust ventilation system) and replace it with fresh air (supply ventilation system), specially cleaned, heated or cooled, that meets all standards.

When designing ventilation, the following conditions must be taken into account:

the presence of harmful fumes
temperature change
increased gas content
To ensure the highest quality ventilation, it is necessary to carry out its design and installation already at the construction stage. This is the only way to take into account all safety measures, to properly design exhaust zones.

But it also happens that it is necessary to install a ventilation system in an already built building. In this case, you should take into account all the conditions in which the system will be operated, as well as the purpose of the room itself. The choice of equipment always depends on the explosion and fire hazard of the room.

As you know, general exchange and local ventilation is used for industrial premises. The first is responsible for air exchange and air purification of the entire room. But with the help of local suctions, it is possible to solve only local problems at the place of formation of those very harmful substances. But it is not possible to keep and neutralize such air flows completely, preventing their spread throughout the room. Here additional elements are needed, such as umbrellas.

The choice of equipment for the installation of ventilation of industrial premises is influenced by the type of production and the amount of harmful substances emitted, the parameters of the premises itself, and the design temperature for the cold and warm seasons.

Qualified specialists of our company are ready to qualitatively solve such a serious problem as the calculation, design and subsequent installation of ventilation, to provide your industrial premises with the necessary and sufficient conditions for the production process.