Industrial ventilation is a complex of special devices and technological devices that provide organized air exchange of large volumes between the working room and the street. The quality of industrial ventilation systems is assessed by their ability to effectively remove polluted air, supply fresh air instead, maintain temperature and microclimate in accordance with regulatory requirements, while observing environmental and sanitary safety standards.

Our company offers comprehensive services for the development, installation and maintenance of industrial ventilation systems for various categories of facilities, such as:

production area
warehouse terminals
shopping centers
in office buildings
swimming pools and fitness clubs
dry cleaners, laundries, drying areas
catering establishments and other premises.
Requirements for industrial ventilation and air conditioning systems

Industrial ventilation is designed to process a large amount of air, while it works under high pressure and at high speed. When calculating ventilation and air conditioning systems for industrial facilities, the following requirements must be taken into account:

The norms of sanitary and hygienic control, which determine the minimum time for the localization and removal of harmful emissions in the working room, the creation of a comfortable environment for personnel or animals.
Sound. The noise level of the equipment should not exceed existing requirements.
Fire-fighting. Industrial ventilation components for premises are selected and installed strictly taking into account fire safety requirements.
Operational. Methods of installation of all devices and pipelines must take into account the need for systematic inspections and maintenance.
Energy saving. Ventilation should be as efficient as possible with minimal energy consumption.
Ecological. The environment must be protected from emissions from the system.

In contrast to domestic supply ventilation in premises with a large volume of circulating air and possible harmful emissions, powerful equipment is required for air-conditioning forced inflow and purification of air masses.

It is customary to distinguish the following types of industrial ventilation:

aeration or ventilation of premises;
general exchange, artificial (mechanical) ventilation and air conditioning systems (supply and exhaust);
local ventilation suctions;
air curtains and jets;
ejection or compression and rarefaction of air for its transmission through air ducts.
In addition, if the method of moving air is taken as the basis for the classification, then ventilation can be:

artificial (mechanical);

The choice of a suitable ventilation system largely determines the type of room, its functionality and a number of tasks:

Workshops and large production shops. In addition to exhaust ventilation of industrial premises, it is possible to install additional air conditioning modules and filtration systems in such places.
Large complexes and terminals, especially those that specialize in the storage of food products and medicines. They especially need an industrial supply and exhaust system with the possibility of air conditioning.
Public, administrative and technological premises. To create a comfortable microclimate, ventilation and air conditioning systems with additional filtration are used.
Warehouses for small spaces. Most often, natural air exchange is used.
Our company develops the necessary ventilation systems of any kind. Installation, commissioning, maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems designed for you are in the hands of our professionals. High-quality performance of work at every stage of the journey is the guarantor of the uninterrupted operation of the system at your facility.

The high qualification level of our company’s specialists, as well as modern technologies, allow us to create and activate ventilation and air conditioning systems for each customer in a fairly short time.