Commercial premises are places where the creation of a favorable artificial climate is especially important, because. a person is in them for a long time. And a competent approach is simply necessary here, because the well-being and health, and hence the performance of all employees and visitors, directly depend on this. Professional ventilation creates an air environment in the premises that meets the established hygienic standards and technological requirements. Main types of commercial buildings and premises offices and administrative buildings shops, supermarkets and shopping complexes cafes and restaurants hotels hospitals and medical institutions gyms and fitness clubs Ventilation and air conditioning are two different issues: ventilation gives us fresh air, and air conditioners are designed to control the temperature. Good air ventilation gives a feeling of comfort, purified and oxygenated air relieves stuffiness and headaches, increases mental performance, memory, attention, increases physical activity, and promotes rapid recovery in case of insufficient sleep. With the help of air conditioning, optimal air parameters are maintained and a comfortable microclimate is created for employees to work in any weather conditions. When you install the system data, you get a comprehensive processing of outdoor air – filtration, cooling, heating, humidification, dehumidification and point distribution in ventilated rooms.​