The air ventilation automation system is a set of devices and algorithms designed to ensure the maintenance of specified climatic conditions and their control in accordance with accepted standards and other regulatory and technical documentation. The automation system largely determines such functional parameters of ventilation systems as:

work durability.
Automation of the ventilation and air conditioning system is primarily relevant for large industrial facilities: production areas, farms, sports complexes, shopping and business centers, places of mass public recreation, but can also be successfully used in residential buildings. The safety and reliability of the operation of the entire ventilation system depends on the quality of automation and its working algorithms.

The purpose of automation of ventilation systems:

control and measurement of parameters;
regulation of heat and mass transfer processes;
protection of equipment in emergency situations and blocking;
equipment electric drive control;
signaling of the normal operation of the equipment, as well as emergency (pre-emergency) situations. Automation of ventilation systems, as practice shows, allows saving from 13% to 20% of heat and cold consumption, and as a result, electricity consumption.
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