Ventilation and air conditioning

How we work

The design department of the company carries out the design of all types of ventilation and air conditioning for a variety of objects: private houses, apartments, banks, office and shopping centers, production and factories, various enterprises.

The design is carried out on the basis of regulatory documents, the wishes of the customer, technical specifications, architectural drawings, design projects. Our specialists coordinate the project at the stage of its manufacture with supervisory authorities, architect, designer and builders. At will realization of architectural supervision is possible.

Our projects are tested for compliance with all norms and requirements.

Any design begins with the collection of data for calculations. First of all, it is necessary to find out what task the designers need to solve: ventilation of the building, air conditioning or air heating.

When drawing up an estimate for the installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems, all the necessary stages of work are taken into account:

Survey of the existing system;
Dismantling the old system (if it is repair work);
Assembly of a new system – air ducts, filters, insulation, etc.;
Installation of supporting structures and final equipment;
Installation of automation systems;
Commissioning and testing of the installed system
Coordination of the estimate with the Customer

Installation of ventilation and air conditioning includes the following steps:

Inspection of the object, study of the project, coordination with the Customer of the installation sequence;
Hole punching and laying of air ducts and network elements;
Thermal insulation, fire protection coating of air ducts;
Sealing holes; installation of gratings, diffusers;
Equipment installation;
Installation of automation;
Commissioning works;
Preparation of as-built documentation and system passports;
Delivery of the object to the Customer.
Our company has vast experience and provides a guarantee for installation.​

Our completed projects

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