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Etapy sozdaniya naruzhnoy reklamy okhvatyvayut ves’ tekhnologicheskiy tsikl sozdaniya ob”yekta. Nesoblyudeniye trebovaniy k sozdaniyu naruzhnoy reklamy ili nevypolneniye zadach, stoyashchikh kak pered reklamodatelem, tak i pered izgotovitelem reklamy, privedet k neudovletvoritel’nym rezul’tatam i sozdannyy ob”yekt naruzhnoy reklamy ne prineset ozhidayemyy effekt, tak kak reklama ne budet “prodavat'”.  Sozdaniye naruzhnoy reklamy dolzhno sootvetstvovat’ vsem pravovym normam soglasno zakonodatel’stvu. Nesoblyudeniye dannykh norm povlechet za soboy administrativnuyu otvetstvennost’ i shtrafy, a takzhe polnuyu likvidatsiyu reklamnogo ob”yekta.
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The stages of creating outdoor advertising cover the entire technological cycle of creating an object. Failure to comply with the requirements for the creation of outdoor advertising or failure to fulfill the tasks facing both the advertiser and the manufacturer of advertising will lead to unsatisfactory results and the created object of outdoor advertising will not bring the expected effect, since the advertisement will not “sell”. The creation of outdoor advertising must comply with all legal regulations in accordance with the law. Failure to comply with these standards will entail administrative liability and fines, as well as the complete liquidation of the advertising object.

When drawing up an estimate for the installation of outdoor advertising, all the necessary stages of work are taken into account:

Dismantling of the old system;
Building a new system;
Installation of outdoor advertising
Coordination of the estimate with the Customer

Installation of outdoor advertising objects is carried out in strict accordance with the technical requirements. Each facility must have a technical design, and its operation must be carried out in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations of operation.

Modern technologies can significantly reduce the cost of installing outdoor advertising objects by eliminating the use of expensive equipment, and often this is simply impossible. One of these technologies is the technology of industrial mountaineering, which allows, by involving professional climbers, to carry out the installation and installation of outdoor advertising in hard-to-reach places.

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