Today, the issue of high-quality saturation of the rooms in the house with fresh and clean air is becoming more and more popular, since many modern buildings are so carefully isolated from the external environment that some rooms are hermetically sealed. As a result, fresh air enters the premises very poorly, and it is almost impossible to solve this problem only by airing or installing air conditioners.

Creating comfortable conditions for a private country house is not an easy task, because the system must perform the following tasks:

maintaining a certain air temperature in the premises of the house;
purification of the air flow supplied to the dwelling;
ensuring the circulation of air masses;
humidification / dehumidification of air to the required indicators
The selection of an air conditioning system for a private country house must be carried out at the stage of creating a design project or during construction. At this stage, it is possible to organize the interaction of the air conditioning system with the ventilation and heating system, which will achieve maximum comfortable living conditions.

When choosing a climate system for a private house, it is necessary to take into account the architectural features of the building, the condition of the electrical wiring and its ability to withstand significant loads, as well as correctly calculate the power of the future air conditioner.

To select equipment that will meet the technical requirements and correspond to a specific type of room, you need to contact a specialist who will help you make the right decision and plan the installation of an air conditioner already at the design stage of a private country house.

Turning to a specialist of our company, you will receive the necessary technical solution that meets all the requirements of comfort, does not violate the appearance of the house and certainly takes into account your conditions and wishes.